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I maintain a YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers, where I discuss boardgames, design, mechanisms in games, and the business of boardgames.


In 2022, Adam Porter was listed as a Design Champion in Mojo Nation's 100 Most Influential Figures in Toy and Game Design."Adam’s videos have already achieved must-watch status in the industry for me. They’re a great resource for established pros and newcomers alike." Mojo Nation 100

"If you’re a game designer, I highly recommend Adam Porter’s YouTube channel, Adam in Wales. It has a similar vibe to my game design YouTube channel in terms of its focus on specific game mechanisms, but Adam is far more eloquent and polished." Jamey Stegmaier, designer of Viticulture and Scythe.

“Adam Porter has been putting out great videos on board game design for years, offering an experienced designer’s view of how the industry works… some of the most insightful and comprehensive overviews of the current state of the industry as it undergoes considerable challenges, all delivered with his characteristic wry wit.” Cardboard Edison


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Adam in Wales YouTube Channel


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I look at the top ten game of each year, and review my favourite games.


I kept a video diary of my pitching experiences from the very early days of my career. Here are the videos.


I look at the mechanisms employed  by game designers to create the exciting gameplay experiences you enjoy.


I share my thoughts on a variety of boardgame and design related topics.

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