by Adam Porter


3-5 players, aged 10 and up

Featuring 3‐dimensional peacocks! Strut your tail feathers in this clever game of gambling and reading the room. Pikoko is a trick‐taking card game for serious and casual gamers, featuring a peacock that holds your cards for you so that you are the only player who cannot see them.


Players must then bet on who will take how many tricks, based on the cards they can see in their opponents hands.

Each round, 8 cards are dealt out to each player, however, players don’t see the cards they’ve been dealt, they can only see the cards of their opponents. Players place bets on how many tricks they think everyone will score, based on what they can see in the other players’ hands. Then each player plays out the hand of the person on their left, until all the cards have been played. At the end of the round, players score points based on the bets they made earlier in the game. Whoever has the most points after 3 rounds of play is the winner.

Designer video diary

In this video, Adam talks about the process of designing Pikoko, from initial idea to publication, and eventually winning awards!

Video Review by Actualol

Youtube boardgame reviewer Jon Purkis (Actualol) tells us why Pikoko won his highest accolade: the Actualove seal of approval!

Video review by Tantrum House

Ryan and Katie from Tantrum House tell us why they loved Pikoko.

What is a trick taking game?

Pikoko is a trick taking game. In this video Adam looks at trick taking games and discusses what they're all about.


Adam also gives plenty of examples of his favourite trick-taking games!

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